[alsa-devel] Problem setting mixer switch with amixer/alsactl.

Mark Brown broonie at sirena.org.uk
Thu Oct 23 16:00:16 CEST 2008

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 11:56:49PM +0100, Oliver Ford wrote:
> Mark Brown wrote:
> >Please send an alsactl save file with the offending configuration 
> Attached.
> I saved this file when the audio was working (i.e having turned the 
> offending control on with alsamixer) but restoring it stops it working.

OK, thanks.  I've had a brief look at this here but so far as I can tell
I'm not able to see these problems on my system.  I am using a
completely different machine, though, with different hardware and I
haven't checked through your configuration in detail.  I'll have a more
detailed look early next week.

> No unusual dmesg output, the apps think nothing is wrong.
> It seems that just the offending control (or the actual DACL/R -> SPKMIX
> mixer channel) stops working. I can still get audio through the

but only via amixer, yes?

One other thing that would be useful would be to put trace which logs
the register writes in ac97_write() in the driver and then try testing
both using alsamixer and then amixer to do the final enable of the
Speaker Mixer PCM Playback Switch.

> state.hpipaq214 {
> 	control.1 {
> 		comment.access 'read write'
> 		comment.type INTEGER
> 		comment.count 1
> 		comment.range '0 - 31'
> 		iface MIXER
> 		name 'Speaker Playback Volume'
> 		value 1
> 	}

That's rather low...

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