[alsa-devel] Documentation Request

Carl Canuck carl.canuck.official at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 15:20:23 CEST 2013

> Thanks for your response, but I think that is a very poor solution.
> [ignorant blah]
Ignorant?  You do realize that Jack has captured the hearts and minds of
exactly zero world renowned audio professionals, despite being
"professional grade" according to it's developers?  Do you think that could
possibly be a problem with Jack, or did everybody just not give it enough
of a chance?

> How about: You write the documentation, given your 'fresh' experience
> with ALSA to help others in your situation.
Why the hell should somebody with no experience programming with ALSA
attempt to reverse-engineer, document and create example code when the only
references available are some horribly inadequate API docs and a few
kernels of wisdom scattered over years of mailing lists?  I think instead
I'll just abandon my attempts to port anything to Linux if the attitude of
the ALSA community is that the combined use of ALSA audio and MIDI with
proper device configuration options is supposed to be a big secret that you
all are too busy to share.

Now get back to writing drivers for the latest ARM SOC, sorry to have
bothered you.

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