[alsa-devel] GR-55 Driver

Keith A. Milner maillist at superlative.org
Mon May 23 18:01:58 CEST 2011

On Thursday 19 May 2011 22:09:44 Jeffrey Scott Flesher Gmail wrote:
> Please take a second look at this information:
> I do not see evidence that this driver patch is working as it should;

I'm tempted to agree from the info on the thread.

> Lets step back and look at this with Fresh eyes:
> This is the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer
> http://www.rolandus.com/products/productdetails.php?ProductId=1148
> You based this driver patch on the
> http://www.bossus.com/gear/productdetails.php?ProductId=1027
> Instead of the GT-10; which seems more similar, but I do not know
> anything about the difference in drivers, nor do I know that you have a
> working driver for the GT-10, or that its based on the JS-8.

I would say not. I "developed" (rather a grand term for the little I actually 
did) the quirks for the JS-8 just recently.

 I'm not sure where the GT-10 came from, but it's not derived from the JS-8. 
In fact my memory on this is poor (and I had some pointers from this mailing 
list) so the JS-8 may have been derived from the GT-10 at least in part, 
rather than the other way around

So with this, and also with the benefit of knowing what the JS-8, GT-10 and 
GR-55 are, I would agree the JS-8 probably isn't the right starting point for 

> As such, all I can do is go along and see if I can get this to work; so
> humor me, and lets see about basing this on the GT-10 and see how that
> works; from what I read; they might be based on the same chip set;

On the other hand, the quirk entries for GT-10 and JS-8 are very close to 
being identical. I wonder if the GR-55 needs some specific .data like the GT-10 
does. It may be worth taking the GT-10 entry and changing it for the GR-55 
vid/pid and trying it.

Unfortunately, much as I would love a GR-55 to play with, I can't really 
justify getting one to experiment with drivers on, otherwise I would love to 
tinker with trying to get this going.


Keith A. Milner

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