[alsa-devel] GR-55 Driver

Jeffrey Scott Flesher Gmail jeffrey.scott.flesher at gmail.com
Thu May 19 23:09:44 CEST 2011

Please take a second look at this information:

I do not understand what type of problem not related to the driver, that
you are referring to; if you can give me a few examples I can test that
theory; which is what I have been trying to do with my troubleshooting
file, configuration of Audacity is very simple, and works in Windows:

My document on driver activity in Windows, using Audacity to record
Audio, Guitar Pro 6 to record MIDI and the GR Floorboard to get Patch's,
which I have no problem getting this working; keep in mind I'm a Unix
programmer (30+ years), not Linux per say, but I'll work on that; but
I'm not a Windows End User, nor a Noobie; but I'm not in the best of
health; we all have our problems, I just don't want this interface to be

I do not see evidence that this driver patch is working as it should;
but its a good start, and I thank you for your work; now it shows up in
the system, and I do have limited access to the audio input channel; so
we are working in the right direction; but its far from saying that the
low-level part works; when I can only get one function working with
limited (still crashes) success.

Lets step back and look at this with Fresh eyes: 

This is the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer

You based this driver patch on the


Instead of the GT-10; which seems more similar, but I do not know
anything about the difference in drivers, nor do I know that you have a
working driver for the GT-10, or that its based on the JS-8.


As such, all I can do is go along and see if I can get this to work; so
humor me, and lets see about basing this on the GT-10 and see how that
works; from what I read; they might be based on the same chip set; I
have contacted Roland, and they refuse to tell me what chip set they do
use; I can open up my GR-55 to see what chip set its using; its new, and
I hate to do this; but I did; below are my findings; but I still do not
know what chip set the GT-10 or JS-8 use; but I'm sure someone knows; so
maybe this is a better place to start.

High res image of GR-55 Motherboard interface

JAPAN 1026
HAL 889451

JAPAN 1035


I did a search with no results; so maybe this doesn't help at all; but I
had to try; my guess is that these are custom chips; Yamaha would be my
guess at manufacture; but I don't know that.

The work you do is very important to the community and I thank you.

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> Does this type of data (USBlyzer Report) help to write drivers?
> http://vetshelpcenter.com/media/GR-55-USB-Anlyzer.html

The problems you're still having are not related to the driver
anymore. The low-level part works. You're just facing a configuration
thing with the applications you're trying to use, but I don't see it
at the moment. It's most probably something trivial - can anyone else
on this list have a look at the comprehensive logs you've been


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