[alsa-devel] Wrong email in author-tag.

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Wed Mar 16 14:12:58 CET 2011

At Wed, 16 Mar 2011 12:17:59 +0000,
Peter Rosin wrote:
> Hi Takashi,
> This is not really important to /me/, on /this/ occation. But I
> thought I'd ask anyway as it seems strange that the author tag
> ended up wrong. If it is a symptom of more errors, others may
> care more. Personally I'm mainly wondering how it could happen, and
> would like for it to not happen again (especially if I ever send
> more substantial patches).
> The commit e2e9566230 ALSA: AT73C213: Rectify misleading comment.
> was first sent as a git patch [1] and then again amended with a
> pair of other (seemingly) trivial comment fixes [2] (the amended
> fixes were not commited for some reason).
> Both patches were sent from my axentia account and both carried
> signed-off-by tags using the axentia account. Yet the commit is made
> naming my lysator account as author (the sign-off is still intact).
> The patch that seems to have ended up being commited is [1], and
> what I think has happened is that I used the lysator account
> in the discussion following the 2nd patch, but I fail to understand
> how the sender of that one message (or was it a few?) could "leak"
> into the author tag.
> I'm assuming it was just a silly mistake, I'm mearly pointing out
> the mishap and understand that there is little one can do to fix
> this buglet this late.

I usually apply patches with git-am, and it takes the original From
tag unless explicitly specified in addition in the patch.  So was this
case, I suppose.

Though, it seems that I overlooked a warning from my check script,
which checks the consistency between author and sign-off.



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