[alsa-devel] aseqnet ipv6 and embedded clients

errordeveloper at gmail.com errordeveloper at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 15:20:51 CET 2011


I am looking at implementing wireless MIDI
network using Contiki OS. I would run it
on relativelly powerfull microcontroller
(Freescale MC13224).

I looked at sourcode of aseqnet command
and it does look fairly small. Contiki
has uIP 6loWPAN for networking and it
connects to linux using SLIP-like 'tun'
virtual userspace interface.

I wonder if there could be any potential
issues in terms of IPv6 compatibility,
would aseqnet on Linux work with IPv6
or I will certainly need a tunnel ?

Would be greate to hear _ANY_ concerns,
of course I do imagine there will be a
latency (hopefully not too huge) and
I hope to work on this further.

I also though of MIDI RTP, but that
seems quite a bit bigger thing ..
Could anyone give a little insight
on what aseqnet really does?
I would imagine it is quite plain,
am I wrong ?

Well, I could perhaps implement
some very simplistic netcat/telnet
kind of data dumping, but would be
greate to get working smothly end-
to-end, i.e. all the way from my
wireless node (which will have
a MIDI din5 connector) to an app
on Linux, even amidi --dump ..hm
Also would be greate to get some
idea how clocking works w/ aseqnet.


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