[alsa-devel] Channel swapping issue on TI OMAP3/TWL4030

ylin at mail.com ylin at mail.com
Sat Feb 19 17:17:03 CET 2011

> > It is in threshold mode, with max threshold 1023.  I will try other
> > modes.
> This sounds safe, give the fact that the McBSP2 FIFO is 1280 word 
> The McBSP FIFO configuration has been corrected in newer kernels.
> One thing that I would try is to synchronize the McBSP2 FIFO
> configuration with the period size you use:
> 48KHz/stereo/16bit 10ms = 480 samples,
> so configure the McBSP2 FIFO to 960 (for both tx, and rx threshold).
> Might not help, but it worth a try...

I checked the threshold registers, both are 960 (959 to be precious).  
It is a safe value, but the channel is switched with 960.  In addition, 
we have tested with sample rate at 16kHz and still have the problem.


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