[alsa-devel] Problem with PPH plugin

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Jan 21 15:29:34 CET 2010

'Twas brillig, and Anton Yashin at 21/01/10 11:19 did gyre and gimble:
> One more thing. Raymond	says:
>> is flashsupport.c the source code of libflashplayer.so 
>> http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Flash_Player:Additional_Interface_Support_for_Linux
> [^]
>> It seem that there are some bugs in flashsupport.c 
>> #14 0xb5ae6379 in snd_pcm_mmap_writei (pcm=0xb0c96ac0, buffer=0xaa1ae000,
> size=940) at pcm_mmap.c:186
>> #15 0xb5ad415e in _snd_pcm_writei (size=<value optimized out>, buffer=<value
> optimized out>, pcm=<value optimized out>) at pcm_local.h:516
>> #16 snd_pcm_writei (size=<value optimized out>, buffer=<value optimized out>,
> pcm=<value optimized out>) at pcm.c:1247
>> #17 0xab01acd4 in ?? () from /usr/lib/browser-plugins/libflashplayer.so
>> #18 0xab01af15 in ?? () from /usr/lib/browser-plugins/libflashplayer.so
>> #19 0xb7e876e5 in start_thread (arg=0x0) at pthread_create.c:297
>> #20 0xb7e87600 in ?? () at pthread_create.c:216 from /lib/libpthread.so.0
> at https://bugtrack.alsa-project.org/alsa-bug/view.php?id=4878
> Later I will send a bug in the adobe.

I'm not sure where Raymond sees flashsupport.c...

Could it be that you have libflashsupport.so (probably in /usr/lib/) on
your system somewhere? If so you should try removing it (e.g. finding
which package owns the file - rpm -qf <file> - and then removing the
package) and see if the problem goes away.

It's used to extend Flash player and I guess it could be cocking up
somewhere or other.



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