[alsa-devel] Problem with PPH plugin

Anton Yashin fynjy-007 at yandex.ru
Thu Jan 21 16:04:36 CET 2010

Colin Guthrie <gmane <at> colin.guthr.ie> writes:

> I'm not sure where Raymond sees flashsupport.c...
> Could it be that you have libflashsupport.so (probably in /usr/lib/) on
> your system somewhere? If so you should try removing it (e.g. finding
> which package owns the file - rpm -qf <file> - and then removing the
> package) and see if the problem goes away.
> It's used to extend Flash player and I guess it could be cocking up
> somewhere or other.
> Col


#LANG=C find / | grep libflashsupport
find: `/home/anton/.gvfs': Permission denied

May be this some internal features of flash player?



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