[alsa-devel] New sound device question

Clemens Ladisch cladisch at fastmail.net
Sun Dec 26 12:20:35 CET 2010

Laurent Epinat wrote:
> I try to developpe a usb sound driver for a Alesis Multix 8 USB2.0
> http://www.alesis.com/multimix8usb20
> The output interface is allready fonctional, but the Input not :-(
> Because there is 2 end point for it. The first one is on Isochronous
> mode and the other is on Bulk mode
> I don't know how to declare the second endpoint in the quirks_table.

There is no predefined quirk for such an endpoint; you'd have to write
your own code.

> Where can I get a good documentation or help about the alsa USB sound
> structure.

At the moment, the only documentation is the source code.

> The only informations I have about the devices, are dump from windows

What is the bulk endpoint used for?


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