[alsa-devel] Alsamixer-Qt4 0.4.0 released

Sebastian H. vand2 at gmx.de
Thu Aug 5 13:22:02 CEST 2010

Am 05.08.2010 01:33, schrieb errordeveloper at gmail.com:
> it crashes on my machine with one USB soundcard,
> and an RME Hammerfall ..i think RME causes it -
> i get a `Floating exception` ..hm, not a segfault this time :)

This looks like a bug in the slider/painter code.
Maybe some ranges are screwed, like 0 to 0 or so and the slider
can't handle it.
A gdb backtrace would be helpful.
Could you compile with:


and then create a backtrace with gdb:

echo -e "run\nwhere\nquit" > gdb_com.txt
gdb src/alsamixer-qt4 -batch -x gdb_com.txt > gdb.txt

and send me the gdb.txt file?

> ..i can do some tests ..have you got an svn or git?

Right now I only have a mercurial repository on my local machine.
I think sourceforge support mercurial now, I'll check on this later.

> basically RME alsa driver is different from all other drivers,
> so far i only see one mixer that presented snd-hdsp options
> in correct way ..it's mostly just tick boxes..
> i'd say that you can just try to set up a condition
> that if the card is RME, then just ignore that card :)
> ..otherwise check hdspmixer and hdspconf in alsa-tools.

I would like to avoid keeping a blacklist in the mixer application.
It's meant to be a general purpose mixer but it should'n crash on high
end hardware.


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