[alsa-devel] driver or plugin?

Hartman Mario Andres hartmanmario at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 20:55:12 CET 2009

hi everybody, this is my first post in the list.

currently i work in a new project, and i need is some help to finish
this. I wrote an application whose take data from serial port or from
bluetooth device(spp) and store the data in a raw file(the data is
audio). Now i need to do this: the data received from the port, send
to internet through voip software like ekiga, kphone, etc.
I read  writing-an-alsa-driver.pdf, alsa-driver-api.pdf but i dont
know how create a source of data, for softwares of voip take data like
a microphone and also receive data from these programs.
I've been looking serial-u16550.c
would be something similar to what the bluez bluetooth headphones

Sorry for my english is not very good.


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