[alsa-devel] driver or plugin?

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Thu Feb 5 10:23:29 CET 2009

At Wed, 04 Feb 2009 17:55:12 -0200,
Hartman Mario Andres wrote:
> hi everybody, this is my first post in the list.
> currently i work in a new project, and i need is some help to finish
> this. I wrote an application whose take data from serial port or from
> bluetooth device(spp) and store the data in a raw file(the data is
> audio). Now i need to do this: the data received from the port, send
> to internet through voip software like ekiga, kphone, etc.
> I read  writing-an-alsa-driver.pdf, alsa-driver-api.pdf but i dont
> know how create a source of data, for softwares of voip take data like
> a microphone and also receive data from these programs.
> I've been looking serial-u16550.c
> would be something similar to what the bluez bluetooth headphones

If you can access the data with the existing device file, the plugin
solution could be easier.  The kernel driver is needed for the cases
that you need some raw access to the hardware and/or need to handle
interrupts directly.


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