[alsa-devel] Hg update problems

Eliot Blennerhassett linux at audioscience.com
Thu Feb 7 01:58:08 CET 2008

Hi Jaroslav,

On Thursday 31 January 2008 20:34:10 Jaroslav Kysela wrote:

> I get e600ecb8fbd75433610a8c5cdc6335c939940302 here.
> Do you have a HTTP cache or proxy server between our server and your side?

No. (Well, not AFAIK anyway)

I have been away for a few days...
Today my "hg pull -u" brings me up to date with hg head as seen via the web 
interface.  I.e. its OK again now. 

However, that head is over 30 hours old, I will be interested to see what 
happens after the next checkin.


Eliot Blennerhassett

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