[alsa-devel] [REPOST] opti93x: conversion to use cs4231 library

krzysztof.h1 at poczta.fm krzysztof.h1 at poczta.fm
Thu Feb 7 08:18:24 CET 2008

Rene Herman napisał(a):
> On 30-01-08 01:43, Rene Herman wrote:
> > 931 and 933 work and 930 (a non-PnP chip) is being a royal pain in the 
> > ass again. With the new code, I haven't yet been able to get it to work
> > -- no IRQ is firing. However, I also experienced this _once_ with the 
> > old driver so I'm not sure what's going on. When I now try to reproduce
> > with the old one, I can't. Maybe a timing difference.
> > 
> > Will need further testing -- I have no time in the next few days.
> Hate it but will need to confirm that this is definitely a regression.
> OPTi
> 82C930A does not work with the cs4231-lib using driver, does work with
> the
> current driver. It loads, but gets no interrupts.

Thank you for testing. If it works with the old driver I will analyze what
the old driver does for opti930.

Thanks again,

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