[alsa-devel] Possible regression on Sigmatel 9205

Manuel Naranjo manuel at aircable.net
Wed Oct 15 14:30:19 CEST 2008

> Hello everyone,
> Sorry to interrupt you all, but I had been trying to get the digital mic
> of my Dell Inspiron 1521 for the last 5 days without any sucess.
> .....
> Thanks,
> Manuel
Hello again,

In my quest to discover what the hell is going on I got the STAC9205 
datasheet from Integrated Device Technology (this guys bought the 
techology from sigmatel).

I'm starting to get how the device works, but I have a question, is 
there any special reason why ADC1 MUX isn't been routed? 
(stac9205_mux_nids doesn't show it). As far as I get if you don't route 
this piece then you don't get a route for the INPORT1 MUX.

Anyway, I'll keep reading too see if I can get how this thing works.


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