[alsa-devel] Strange sound of IDT 82hd206xx6 at font port in AC97 mode

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 00:08:39 CET 2014

> Hello
> My mainboard is ECS A780GM-A, the sound chip in it is IDT 82HD206XX6,

Is this 92HD206X ?

Seem this codec support impedance sense

Post the output of alsa-info.sh

> In my bios I don't have a switch to make the font port mode into AC97 or
> HD Audio.
> In windows you need to install a driver and set the font port into AC97.
> In Linux, you can use the font port, but it seems that audio channel is
> wrong,

Check the front audio connector of your motherboard in the user manual

Check the front audio panel specification of your computer chassis whether
support Jack detection of headphone and mic

Only a few multi channel AC97 2.3 codecs (e.g. ALC850) support jack
detection and most AC97 front audio panel does not have jack detection


> I can't hear the sound in some part of a film and I can hear the
> stranger accent of sound in the other part of a film(or a music). But
> all the 7.1 channel in the back ports can output the sound match my
> mircophone(all are the same).

The front audio panel headphone share the front channel signal only when
playing multi channel audio

You need  to use applications(e.g  mplayer) which can  down mix multi
channel to stereo or select the stereo track  instead of DTS of movie DVD
when you are using headphone

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