[alsa-devel] snd-usb-audio issues??

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Mon Apr 14 14:33:03 CEST 2014

Richard Storer wrote:
> My first issue is for some reason booting Linux with my device already
> attached to the USB port produces no audio output, however capture is
> functioning.
> I've tried mute, unmute via alsamixer but it seems like the amplifier
> circuit inside hasn't turned itself on properly.
> The cure for this (and 100% reproducible) would be to unplug / replug
> the USB cable or simply connect to USB after Linux has fully loaded.

Are there any mixer controls that have a different value in these
situations?  (See the output of "amixer scontents" for your device.)

> While Line-In capture does function on this device the signal levels
> are extremely low.
> Unfortunately there is no Line-In mixer control for my device

What is the output of "amixer scontents" for your device?


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