[alsa-devel] Remove depop delay for suspend and resume

Kailang kailang at realtek.com
Fri Nov 29 08:08:25 CET 2013

Hi Takashi,

I know your concerm.

Hi Mengdong,

Could you only remove it on you test image?


> At Fri, 29 Nov 2013 10:48:20 +0800,
> Kailang wrote:
>> Hi Takashi,
>> Intel test alc262.
>> They find the suspend and resume time were > 50ms.
>> So, I delete the delay for alc_eapd_shutup and alc_resume.
>> If we want to have depop functions, we will follow like alc283.
> Which delay value to take is pretty specific to machine.  Removing
> delay will likely cause problem on other machines.
> So, if we'd remove delays, do it only for tested machines, not do
> blindly to all machines using the same codec chips.  The pop noise
> isn't only determined by a codec chip but rather influenced by the
> whole hardware analog design.
> thanks,
> Takashi
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