[alsa-devel] [bug] sbawe: the PnP won't stop

David Flater vger at flaterco.com
Tue Mar 26 02:04:56 CET 2013

This problem now appears to be bigger than just sbawe or ALSA.

- The clone-and-reallocate behavior happened with the gameport too, even
  though I didn't mess with that at all.  The gameport is discovered by some
  driver as a legacy port, then later rediscovered and reallocated with
  different resources as a PnP gameport.

- The kernel parameter pnp_reserve_dma, which ought to be the right way to
  avoid getting DMA 5, doesn't do anything.

The cleanest workaround seems to be to noisapnp the kernel, use the userspace
/sbin/isapnp tool, and provide ALSA module options as for a non-PnP card.

On 03/23/2013 10:25 PM, David Flater wrote:
> I've got an ISA PnP SB AWE type card in a system with a non-working DMA 5.
> Without intervention, the Sound Blaster always gets the broken DMA.  I have
> no BIOS options to control the allocation of DMAs, and the PnP configuration
> done within ALSA ignores /etc/isapnp.conf [*].  DMA 6 works fine if I can get
> sbawe to stop re-initializing the PnP and just use it.

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