[alsa-devel] channel swapping issue on OMAP3/TWL4030 is back

Daniel Mack zonque at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 09:55:20 CET 2013

On 22.03.2013 09:48, Peter Meerwald wrote:
> I'm running Linux 3.7 on a beagle-xm and observe very reproducible stereo 
> channel swapping issue on playback of a stereo stream (one channel has a 
> sine, the other is zero); the channel swap occurs on starting the playback

Always? Or in like 50% of the runs? And is the record stream (IOW: the
clocks) already running when you switch on playback?

Maybe it's unreleated, but your report reminded me of this commit, which
fixed a similar bug for pxa socs: 273b72c8c ("ASoC: pxa-ssp: atomically
set stream active masks").


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