[alsa-devel] BeagleBoard driver development (PCM3168)

Michael Jordan mjordan1 at catamount.wcu.edu
Mon Aug 12 02:51:14 CEST 2013

Okay, before I went too far I thought to download archives and found
that Klimann has been working on this, but last post I see is April
2013. I picked through and got what I think are the last discussed of
the 3 files omap-pcm3168.c pcm3168.c and pcm3168.h. I did not mean to
cross paths with anybody. I will compare these to what I have worked up
and see what I can contribute.

I am a bit confused about one thing though. When I began this (before I
knew I might be stepping on somebody else's work) I downloaded 3.10
sources from kernel.org. I have previously and again grepped through
the sources and I find no mention of pcm3168. Has this project just not
made it that far? And do I have the latest versions (plucked from the
text archives, or are they in a git somewhere that I don't know about?


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