[alsa-devel] M-Audio Delta 1010LT: S/PDIF clock source not working

Alan Horstmann gineera at aspect135.co.uk
Sun Apr 7 22:35:45 CEST 2013

On Sunday 07 April 2013 18:03, Gabriel M. Beddingfield wrote:
> On 04/06/2013 05:52 PM, Jonas Petersen wrote:
> > It seems it's related to the ICE1712... I now tried the Audiophile 2496.
> > Same behaviour! There is no way to clock from external (S/PDIF). The
> > 'Multi Track Internal Clock Default' setting will always override the
> > external clock rate and mess up the capturing.
> Well, it /should/ work -- according to the 1010's manual.  I'll bet it's
> some register setting that's missing on the ice1712 -- but I have no
> access to the specs/datasheets/schematics on these things.
> I wonder -- did this ever work on Linux?

Can't confirm on Delta 1010 series, but this is/was working on Terratec 
DMX6fire and STaudio DSP2000 (other ice1712 cards) since at least about Alsa 
1.0.12.  More people have the 1010's, so I would expect it has been working 
on those.  However I do seem to remember some relatively recent changes 
related to external wordclock on the 1010; maybe it has been broken?

@Jonas - are you using 'envy24control' to toggle the settings?



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