[alsa-devel] Fwd: Support for Roland VG-99 (working code, but could use help)

Daniel Mack zonque at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 09:40:29 CEST 2012

Hi Pete,

On 16.10.2012 01:59, Pete Leigh wrote:
> I tried posting this  a couple of days ago, but no response... I'm
> wondering if the (text) attachment stopped people from seeing it, or
> if there's something else I missed?

It's probably rather that people are too busy to respond :)

> It's just a request to look over the lsusb output and new quirks-table
> entry included, with a view to getting this added to a release.
> Since the initial post, I've done more testing (I'm using a kernel
> based on 3.4.11-1.rt19.1.fc17.ccrma.x86_64.rt) and everything seems to
> work fine (including midi in, which I wasn't sure of at the time of
> posting)

Ok, well done :) But are you sure 44100 is the only supported sample rate?

> apart from one apparently cosmetic issue -  the device name
> no longer shows up in lsusb output, though it did before applying the
> quirk. (?)

lsusb -v should still show it. For the normal output, you could submit
an entry here: http://www.linux-usb.org/usb-ids.html

> I'll include the quirk entry as text rather than an attachment this time.
> If I actually need to go through the process of generating a patch and
> sending mail via git, as per the developer page on the alsa-project
> site, could someone let me know, and I'll give it a go (it's something
> I was hoping to avoid, I admit!)

Yes, in order to prepare a proper patch, you'll have to do that please.
Check out the latestes sound.git[*] and make sure your patch applies
there. Also note that the entries in this file are sorted by VID/PID.

If you want to avoid that by all means, I can do it for you, but I can't
test it of course.

Thanks for pushing your work back to mainline!


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