[alsa-devel] Support request for codec WM8731 porting

Cyril GERMAINE c.germaine at elno.fr
Fri Nov 30 17:41:15 CET 2012


I work on a board based from DM365EVM baseboard, but with the WM8731 
codec instead of the TLV320AIC3x.
I tried with several linux kernels (one is the 3.6.6 release). Now the 
playback works but not the capture, and I'm not able to debug this 
issue. I have many "0" frames in the captured data, although data and 
rate on I2S bus is OK. 22 null frames, then 2 non null frames. I tried 
to capture a sinusoidal wave.

Version of kernel : 3.6.6-dirty
Version of alsa lib : 1.0.25

Here are the attached files:
- dmesg.txt : dmesg log after kernel init
- .config
- all the files of the kernel I modified/added for my board
- capture_alsalib_traces.txt : some traces I put in the alsa lib during 
- dmesg_capture.txt : some traces I put in the kernel during capture
- capture_test.wav.hexdump : the result of the capture (arecord -f S16_LE)

I modified the wm8731.c file because I wasn't able to activate the 
required functions of the codec with alsamixer, and I don't undestand 
how dapm works...

Maybe I missed something in the board or platform dependant files? About 
the DMA? I don't undestand why the playback works but not the capture.
I also worked with the kernel provided with the DM365EVM board (from 
Montavista, linux_2.6.18_pro500, DaVinciLSP_02_10_00_08), the results 
are better, I "only" have one null frame for 2 frames, even with a 
stereo input signal (on the left and right input line).

Thanks for your help.

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