[alsa-devel] ALSA driver issue with the ssm2602.c

Alan Horstmann gineera at aspect135.co.uk
Fri May 4 22:48:28 CEST 2012

Hi Mark, (same guys, different list!)

On Friday 04 May 2012 18:56, Bishop, Mark wrote:
> Where in ALSA are the simple controls for the codecs created?  As an
> example, on this ssm2602 I am looking for the 'Master' simple control
> that I would modify in amixer, but these are the only two 'Master'
> labels in ssm2602.c:
> SOC_DOUBLE_R_TLV("Master Playback Volume", SSM2602_LOUT1V,
> SSM2602_ROUT1V,
>         0, 127, 0, ssm260x_outmix_tlv),
> SOC_DOUBLE_R("Master Playback ZC Switch", SSM2602_LOUT1V,
> SSM2602_ROUT1V,
>         7, 1, 0),

As far as I understand it (hopefully others will correct me) the simple 
controls in amixer are an abstracted sub-set of the real controls, so
	amixer controls
shows the controls as generated by the card driver, and available through 
alsamixer.  But
	amixer scontrols
shows a simplified version, derived from the names(?).



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