[alsa-devel] Adding an ASoC codec, ads1178 in TDM mode without a control interface

Marty Christian (cmarty@hsr.ch) cmarty at hsr.ch
Fri Jul 27 10:40:44 CEST 2012


I'm running an Angstrom 2012.5 (3.2.18) on a Beaglebone. A daughterboard with an ads1278 ADC on it is connected to mcasp0, which I would like to use with alsa in TDM mode. This device does not have an I2C/SPI control interface. It is very similar to the ads1178 device, that's why I try to get this one running.

I assume that it is probably the best to use the davinci-pcm-audio platform driver.
I modified following:
Index: git/arch/arm/mach-omap2/devices.c
--- git.orig/arch/arm/mach-omap2/devices.c    2012-07-20 16:22:26.324602816 +0200
+++ git/arch/arm/mach-omap2/devices.c          2012-07-26 13:20:17.124821103 +0200
@@ -231,10 +231,16 @@
               .id                          = -1,
+struct platform_device ads117x_codec= {
+             .name                  = "ads117x-codec",
+             .id                          = -1,
static void am33xx_init_pcm(void)
-              printk("cape: pcm register");
+             printk("Multisensor cape: pcm register");
+             platform_device_register(&ads117x_codec);

After this changes, I can find codec and dai in /sys/kernel/debug/asoc:
root at beaglebone:/sys/kernel/debug/asoc# cat codecs
root at beaglebone:/sys/kernel/debug/asoc# cat dais
root at beaglebone:/sys/kernel/debug/asoc# cat platforms
root at beaglebone:/sys/kernel/debug/asoc#

If I now try to add this to snd_soc_dai_link, the kernel panics while booting:
                               .name = "ADS117X",
                               .stream_name = "ADS117X",
                               .cpu_dai_name = "davinci-mcasp.0",
                               .codec_dai_name = "ads117x-hifi",
                               .codec_name = "ads117x-codec",
                               .platform_name = "davinci-pcm-audio",
                               .init = evm_adsadc_init,
                               .ops = &evm_adc_ops,

Does anybody have an idea how it comes to this?

Another thing I don't understand is, why do we register a platform in ads117.c?
static int __init ads117x_init(void)
                return platform_driver_register(&ads117x_codec_driver);

The old version used to register a snd_soc_dai_driver:
static int __init ads117x_modinit(void)
                return snd_soc_register_dai(&ads117x_dai);

Thanks in advance!

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