[alsa-devel] snd_emu10k1 with E-MU 1616m PCIe

tilt tilt at linuxfoo.de
Thu Feb 16 20:52:29 CET 2012

Myself wrote on 02/15/2012 01:42 AM:
> [...] Does this tell me that there is no need to load a dock
> firmware on my hardware? After all, dock relais went online with an
> audible click, dock exposes functionality, just a bit messy.

I stand corrected, the firmware loads:

   ALSA emu10k1_main.c:739 emu1010: Loading Audio Dock Firmware
   ALSA emu10k1_main.c:686 firmware size = 0xd67c
   ALSA emu10k1_main.c:760 emu1010: EMU_HANA+DOCK_IRQ_STATUS = 0x18
   ALSA emu10k1_main.c:763 emu1010: EMU_HANA+DOCK_ID = 0x15
   ALSA emu10k1_main.c:769 emu1010: Audio Dock Firmware loaded
   ALSA emu10k1_main.c:773 Audio Dock ver: 4.2

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