[alsa-devel] snd_emu10k1 with E-MU 1616m PCIe

tilt tilt at linuxfoo.de
Sun Feb 12 23:45:18 CET 2012


I use the Creative E-MU 1616m PCIe:

   03:04.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB0400 Audigy2 Value
           Subsystem: Creative Labs Device 4007

I am on Linux kernel 3.2.4, -driver and -firmware from git;
-utils from (Debian amd_64).

I have manually applied the patch from [1] and initialized
the device successfully:

[    3.387211] snd_emu10k1 0000:03:04.0: PCI INT A -> GSI 16 (level,
low) -> IRQ 16
[    3.387341] ALSA emu10k1_main.c:823 emu1010: Special config.
[    3.387479] ALSA emu10k1_main.c:862 emu1010: EMU_HANA_ID = 0x3f
[    3.387530] ALSA emu10k1_main.c:881 emu1010: filename emu/emu1010b.fw
[    3.393206] ALSA emu10k1_main.c:686 firmware size = 0x11bdc
[    6.294376] ALSA emu10k1_main.c:898 emu1010: Hana Firmware loaded
[    6.294475] ALSA emu10k1_main.c:901 emu1010: Hana version: 1.6
[    6.294583] ALSA emu10k1_main.c:906 emu1010: Card options = 0x8
[    6.294656] ALSA emu10k1_main.c:908 emu1010: Card options = 0x8
[    6.295222] ALSA emu10k1_main.c:947 emu1010: Card options3 = 0x8
[    6.314806] ALSA emu10k1_main.c:227 Audigy2 value: Special config.
[    6.315231] ALSA emufx.c:1545 EMU outputs on
[    6.315280] ALSA emufx.c:1593 EMU2 inputs on

There are irregularities & limitations, but I do have 48kHz
capture and playback.

I have two questions:

1.: I only use Dock ports, and I notice many irregularities in
DAC and ADC assignment; so I wonder: should


not also be loaded?

2.: I use JACK with

   input: hw:0,2 (Mutichannel Capture/PT Playback)
   output: hw:0,3 (Multichannel Playback)

One thing that I would like to fix if at all possible: I can not assign
to Dock Phones L/R; instead they always repeat Dock DAC 1L/R, no matter
what I route there.

Is this a limitation of the firmware, or are the controls misleading me?

Kind regards & thanks in advance for any suggestions,

[1] ALSA bugtracking system
     0005250: E-MU 1010 PCI-Express not recognized

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