[alsa-devel] uda1380 and pxa255 plays nothing but noise

nerwusek luk0104 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 18:43:45 CEST 2012

On 08.08.2012 13:16, nerwusek wrote:
> On 08.08.2012 11:57, Mark Brown wrote:
>> This sounds like either the CPU isn't actually sending data or 
>> there's a digital mute. 
> Debugfs file asoc/ipaq/uda.../dapm/Playback shows:
> Playback: On  in 1 out 1
>  stream Playback active
>  out "static" "DAC"
>  out "static" "DAC"
>  out "static" "DAC"
> and file DAC shows:
> DAC: On  in 3 out 4 - R2(0x2) bit 10
>  stream Playback inactive
>  in  "static" "Playback"
>  in  "static" "Playback"
>  in  "static" "Playback"
>  out "DAC" "Output Mux"
>  out "static" "Analog Mixer"
> is it correct? Shouldn't stream Playback in DAC show active status?
> Also I noticed that alsamixer works slower when playing music so
> some data must be sent to codec but I don't know is that music
> data or sth else.
> Łukasz Dałek
I also booted handhelds kernel (2.6.21) and compared UDA registers with it.
Everything was the same except in my kernel (3.4) was silence.
At this point I have no idea where is the problem.

Łukasz Dałek

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