[alsa-devel] uda1380 and pxa255 plays nothing but noise

nerwusek luk0104 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 13:16:52 CEST 2012

On 08.08.2012 11:57, Mark Brown wrote:
> This sounds like either the CPU isn't actually sending data or there's 
> a digital mute. 
Debugfs file asoc/ipaq/uda.../dapm/Playback shows:
Playback: On  in 1 out 1
  stream Playback active
  out "static" "DAC"
  out "static" "DAC"
  out "static" "DAC"

and file DAC shows:
DAC: On  in 3 out 4 - R2(0x2) bit 10
  stream Playback inactive
  in  "static" "Playback"
  in  "static" "Playback"
  in  "static" "Playback"
  out "DAC" "Output Mux"
  out "static" "Analog Mixer"

is it correct? Shouldn't stream Playback in DAC show active status?
Also I noticed that alsamixer works slower when playing music so
some data must be sent to codec but I don't know is that music
data or sth else.

Łukasz Dałek

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