[alsa-devel] No sound on Quanta KN1 with kernel 3.4

Uros Vampl mobile.leecher at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 12:20:33 CEST 2012

On 18.04.12 11:55, Uros Vampl wrote:
> The only physical input is mic-in. But there's also an integrated 
> microphone. In kernel 3.3 the intergrated mic is simply "Mic" and works 
> for both playback and capture. I don't have an external mic to test.
> In kernel 3.4 I still don't have sound, even with the patch (I unmuted 
> everything there was to unmute, then muted SPDIF, nothing produced 
> sound), so I could only test capture - "Rear Mic" captures from the 
> integrated microphone.
> I assume "Front Mic" would work for an external microphone, and maybe CD 
> is for listening to audio CDs? The CD drive broke a few years back, so I 
> can't test it.
> No idea about SPDIF-in, but headphone-out doubles as SPDIF-out. There's 
> a red light inside the jack, and if I unmute SPDIF, the light goes on. I 
> remember it was like that also in Windows. I don't have appropriate 
> hardware to test if it actually works.
> Attached is a alsa-info.txt with the patch. There are some differences 
> compared to without patch, but like I said above, still no sound.

Looking at the various alsa-info.txt files I've sent, I think I know 
which crucial mixer control is missing in kernel 3.4, causing me to not 
have sound - "Front". It's there with kernel 3.3 and controls 
volume/mute of both speakers and headphones (the "Headphone" control 
does nothing). It's not there in kernel 3.4, with or without patch.


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