[alsa-devel] GR-55 Driver

Jeffrey Scott Flesher Gmail jeffrey.scott.flesher at gmail.com
Tue May 24 20:28:50 CEST 2011

Its clear you need to have access to the Hardware you are writing the
driver for, so to that end, I decided to try to get you the Hardware and
Funds required to make this happen; this is my plan so far:

I started a Forum here http://mylinuxmachine.com/forum/8 
I had an idea to raise money for Hardware, as well as funds to support
the Developers, I only have one Shopping Cart setup; so I put it here:

I don't know if this will fly; but if it does, I'll get the hardware and
have it shipped to someone that wants to work on this Driver, a long
with any funds I collect; if this works good; I'll add more hardware
pages as requested. 

If this does work I'll add a shopping cart to MyLinuxMachine and move
the project there, I don't have the funds to do it now, or I would have;
a lot more thought needs to be put into this; but its a start. If you
have any suggestions let me know.

The Donation page at ALSA
is blank, so I had to find another way to raise money for you, and this
is the only thing I could think of.

Without Hardware and Money; its not really possible to continue to write
drivers for Hardware you do not have; I hope this is the beginning of
something that works good for everyone. I don't see any other way of
doing this at this point in time.


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On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 6:01 PM, Keith A. Milner
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> On the other hand, the quirk entries for GT-10 and JS-8 are very close to
> being identical. I wonder if the GR-55 needs some specific .data like the GT-10
> does. It may be worth taking the GT-10 entry and changing it for the GR-55
> vid/pid and trying it.

I took the JS-8 quirks as a starting point because the USB descriptor
dumps looked identical to me. But I could have overlooked a detail,
that's possible. So as you've worked with such devices before, if you
could double-check and give some info, that would be a great help.
Without access to such (even similar) hardware, it's hard to really
help much.


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