[alsa-devel] How to implement capture_switch control?

Adam Jiang jiang.adam at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 09:15:38 CEST 2011

Hello list,

I have a device with wm8903 codec. To support mute/unmute capture
signal, I was trying to enable/disable PGA on this codec from user
space application like

snd_ctl_elem_value_set_boolean("Left Input PGA Switch", 0, 0)

That means the mute/unmute function became platform dependent. I got
the idea to support mute/unmute function with enabling/disabling
capture switch. However, the function


alwasy return false. I guess something is missing in my driver. Could
you please give some bright how could I use capture switch to
mute/unmute a channel. How could I implement capture_switch control
properly? Thank you!


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