[alsa-devel] Creative X-Fi Titanium HD ctxfi bugs 5378 5218 4868

Harry Butterworth heb1001 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 12:35:59 CEST 2011


   (2nd attempt at this email as the first went over alsa-devel's 60KB limit)

   I have redone the patch against today's git repositories.
Creative have not yet got back to me about the PLL initialization.
Perhaps we can fix that later.

   I have only put the PCI ID in the pci_ids_compat.h.in file.  Is it
going to be necessary to add the PCI device ID somewhere in the kernel
tree to avoid breaking the kernel build?

> A few comment about the patch:
> - Instead of adding have_dedicated_mic and have_output_switch
>  callbacks in every place, I'd put some bit flags indicating the
>  capabilities, and set at the initialization appropriately.

I will follow up with a second patch.

> - A few easy coding-style issues; run scripts/checkpatch.pl and fix
>  the errors appropriately.

checkpatch now reports no errors.

I've only tested these changes with my Titanium HD card.  I don't have
any of the other X-Fi cards so I couldn't do any regression testing.

If there's anything else I need to do, please let me know.


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