[alsa-devel] Issues with HDSPM

Adrian Knoth adi at drcomp.erfurt.thur.de
Tue Jun 7 14:48:02 CEST 2011

>>>> the HDSPM driver seems to be broken in the current ALSA release.
>>>> We're using CentOS 5 with and ALSA 1.0.24
>>>> compiled from source, the card is a PCIe Hammerfall DSP MADI (rev d2).
>>>> As already mentioned in [1], the card operates in master mode, but the
>>>> system clock mode can't be set to anything higher than 48kHz.
> i can switch to 192k no problem, but if i start jack while at 48k, i can
> only go down, not up. my guess is that i had a half-dead jack around
> when i tried to reproduce your issue. andre, can you confirm you do not
> have any processes running on the card when the problem occurs? i guess
> lsof /dev/snd/* might be useful...

There's an easier way to acquire this information:

   $ cat /proc/asound/default/pcm0*/sub0/status

If it reads "closed", then nobody is using the card, otherwise, there
would be an entry for owner_pid, thus preventing the card to change
clock modes outside the multiples of 32/44.1/48 (*1, *2 or *4 depending
on SS/DS/QS).


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