[alsa-devel] model needed for Clevo P150HM (Realtek ALC892)

Julian Sikorski belegdol at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 13:15:14 CEST 2011

W dniu 18.07.2011 10:52, Takashi Iwai pisze:
> And I can't reproduce your problem with the alsa-info.sh output above.
> Give more exact information what you did and what is the problem.
> thanks,
> Takashi
I'm sorry for the confusion - let me sum up the current situation. With 
the fixes you pushed to sound-2.6/master I was able to get 5.1 sound out 
of my laptop. The only missing bit was the 7.1 sound. And the last 
channel goes via a jack/optical spdif hybrid. The problem is that the 
BIOS does not announce that and as such alsa is unaware of the side 
surround channel.
Using Raymond's advice, I was able to make the sound come out of the 
last jack, by changing some values for pin 0x17 (described as sidesurr 
in the datasheet), diff is attached. I basically checked what was the 
difference in alsa-info.sh output when I was changing number of channels 
with alsamixer, and then did the same for pin 0x17.
Since, from what I understood, you wanted me to figure out which pin is 
connected to the last jack [1], I thought this information would be 
useful to fix BIOS shortcomings.
Other problem is that the volume on that jack is controlled by center 
and lfe sliders (in alsamixer), which is probably caused by the fact 
that alsa is unaware of the 7.1 sound.
If more information is needed, please let me know what do you need in 
addition to alsa-info.sh output.


[1] http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.alsa.devel/86749
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