[alsa-devel] issue with AD1989A HDA codec and alsamixer

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 10:46:51 CET 2011

2011/2/3 Vincent Meserette <vmeserette at aldebaran-robotics.com>

> Hi Raymond,
> Many thanks for your answer.
> Looking the AD1989A datasheet (which can be found here :
> http://www.conexant.com/products/entry.jsp?id=599) the vendor id of the
> codec seems to be 11D4989A
> So, I think the codec taken into account in the "patch_analog.c" file is
> well the AD1989A because I found these lines in the source code :
> /*
>  * patch entries
>  */
> static struct hda_codec_preset snd_hda_preset_analog[] = {
>    ...
>     { .id = 0x11d4989a, .name = "AD1989A", .patch = patch_ad1988 },
>    ...
>     {} /* terminator */
> };
> Concerning the digital microphone input of the codec, I don't use it. I
> have four electret microphones connected to the B and C ports of the codec
> (one on the PORT-B_L pin, one on the PORT-B_R pin, one on the PORT-C_L pin
> and one on the PORT-C_R pin). I have connected by software configuration the
> port B to the ADC1 and the port C to the ADC0.
> Maybe my problem comes from here, because I don't use the codec in a
> standard configuration ?
> if it is the case, do you know how can i resolve it ?
> Do you also know which registers control the three capture gains of the
> alsamixerl (i thought it was the gains of the ADC0, ADC1 and ADC2 )?

can you post the output of alsa-info.sh

Six 192kHz 92dB ADCs
- simultaneous record of up to 3 stereo channels

It does not imply you can record 4 channels with the existing hda driver
which create three subdevices

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