[alsa-devel] Jack sense fails on Fujitsu p7120

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 04:14:19 CET 2011

2011/2/2 Robin Neatherway <neatherway at gmail.com>

> > Do you mean
> >
> > LOUT1 playback volume control at node 0x8 affect the volume of your
> > headphone and LOUT2 playback volume control at node 0x9 affect the volume
> of
> > your speakers ?
> >
> > If you look at 4.1 Block Diagram of alc260 datasheet ,
> >
> > LOUT1 is connected to 0xf Line Out and
> > LOUT2 is connected to 0x10 HP
> Having looked at the datasheet I agree with you, this seems
> surprising. However, if I run speaker-test and then toggle the mutes
> of LOUT1 and LOUT2 one by one, they toggle the headphones and speakers
> respectively.
> Additionally, to hear output on each device I have to set the
> following pin modes:
> Headphones: LINE1 pin mode at node 0x14 must be set to line out
> (quieter)/headphones (louder)
> Speakers: HP-OUT pin mode at node 0x10 must be set to line
> out/headphones (same volume)
hp_automute work only when it get the correct position of HP and speaker
[Pin complex]

Can you post the output of alsa-info.sh using model=auto after a cold boot
to find out whether BIOS setup pin default of node 0x0f and 0x10 to HP and
Speakers  ?

if not, you will need to find any alc269 model which create "Headphone
Playback Volume" at node 0x8 and "Speaker Playback volume" at node 0x09

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