[alsa-devel] issue with AD1989A HDA codec and alsamixer

Vincent Meserette vmeserette at aldebaran-robotics.com
Tue Feb 1 15:57:29 CET 2011

Hi all,

I am working on a system which includes a connexant AD1989A HDA codec
connected to a ATOM processor.
I have four microphones connected to the B and C ports of this codec.
If I change one of the 3 capture gains present in the alsamixer
(Capture, Capture 1 or Capture 3), I can't have any more signal on the
B and C ports
It seems to be due to the fact that ALSA breaks (for example for the
Capture gain) the link between the ADC selector 0 and ADC_0 widgets of
the codec, what can be easily seen with codecgraph.

Have you ever had this kind of problem?
Do you know how can I resolve it ?

Many thanks for your asnwers and best regards


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