[alsa-devel] mic on macbook air

Reimundo rheluani at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 00:32:03 CEST 2010

Hello list, from time to time I spend some time trying to get the mic
working on a Macbook air 2,1. I tried looking at the relevant info from
the corresponding kernel extensions on mac os X. The codec has  "Vendor
Id: 0x10ec0885" so the relevant part of the info.plist on mac os X reads

<string>Sampled on rising edge</string>

Which tells me nothing. In particular I don't have a node 0x27=39 (at
least not that hda-analyzer sees) so it's not surprising that if I send
the corresponding verbs to set_config_default I don't get anything.
Also, I don't see how setting the pinconfigdefault could affect my not
having the mic working (anyway I tried setting those pinconfigdefaults
that put the node as a fixed mic on all nids 0x19-0x1c to no avail)

As for the sampled on rising edge, I don't know how to use this info.
any ideas?



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