[alsa-devel] Turtle Beach Tahiti (snd-msnd-classic)

Brand, Mark (Mr) (Summerstrand Campus South) Mark.Brand at nmmu.ac.za
Thu Sep 2 12:30:11 CEST 2010

No, without passing cfg it assumed PnP mode (according to dmesg).  I'll try again with just your patch on the weekend - right now I just don't have enough time to do anything properly!  I'm just happy it appears we're making progress.

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At Thu, 2 Sep 2010 11:52:53 +0200,
Brand, Mark (Mr) (Summerstrand Campus South) wrote:
> Dear Takashi and all,
> Thank you.  After patching, snd-msnd-classic still complained about the unknown parameter 'cfg', and still assumed PnP mode without it.  I found the following at line 810:
>         module_param_array(cfg, long, NULL, S_IRUGO);
> I moved it outside of the #ifndef MSND_CLASSIC block (2 lines up) and bingo!  I now have audio, thanks again!

Ah, no, you simply don't need cfg parameter for snd-msnd-classic.
Doesn't it work by my patch but without passing cfg?


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