[alsa-devel] refreshing the reg cache in asoc driver

Grzegorz Daniluk g.daniluk at elproma.com.pl
Fri Oct 1 12:08:29 CEST 2010

Mark Brown wrote:
> Note that Dimitrios just posted a driver for this to the list earlier
> today, which is also available from opensource.wolfsonmicro.com.  It
> would be best to work with this driver.
yes, I saw it later after sending my e-mail, I'll try using this one 
instead of my own.
> The bigger question would be why you want to refresh the register cache
> - normally this should not be required.  If you do need to do this it
> would be better to trigger the refresh off whatever event causes the
> register status in the CODEC to get out of sync.  If there are registers
> which report status which does change dynamically normally they
> shouldn't be cached at all but should instead be treated as volatile and
> read back from the CODEC at all times.
Thanks a lot, I thought about it in the wrong way.


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