[alsa-devel] Modifying the AD193X driver and integrating with the Blackfin platform

Mark Brown broonie at opensource.wolfsonmicro.com
Sun Jun 27 22:07:23 CEST 2010

On 27 Jun 2010, at 14:34, Adam Rosenberg wrote:

> If I want to integrate this code into the uClinux-dist-2009R1.1-RC4
> distribution, is it simply a matter of copying the files in
> "[linux-2.6-asoc.git]/sound/" to the linux-2.6/sound directory for
> uClinux?  Or is it better if I git clone linux-2.6-asoc and move my
> custom board development files there?  Is there a driver installation
> guide somewhere that I can read about this?

Merge this as you would any other patch. If you are concerned with integration
with a non-mainline patchset I would encourage you to seek advice from
whoever provides that patchset. This code is aimed at mainline and is intended
to function in a mainline environment.

> I am concerned that the official Blackfin distribution
> (http://blackfin.uclinux.org/gf/download/frsrelease/473/7285/uClinux-dist-2009R1.1-RC4.tar.bz2)
> will not be compatible with the ASoC distribution
> (git://opensource.wolfsonmicro.com/linux-2.6-asoc).  Can you tell me
> if there are any differences between these?

You should not be using the Wolfson repositories to track ASoC
development. Use the repository listed in MAINTAINERS.

> 1.  Where can I find the ASoC documentation?

Documentation/sound/alsa/soc, the changelogs and the code.

> 2.  Is there an installation guide to use ASoC with an existing Kernel?

ASoC has been a part of the standard Linux kernel since 2.6.21. Unless
your kernel is exceptionally old it will already contain ASoC.

> 3.  What are the differences between the wolfsonmicro.com
> linux-2.6-asoc and blackfin.uclinux.org uClinux-dist-2009R1.1-RC4?

I can't really comment on a specific version of an out of tree patch set, the
Wolfson tree contains only a few unmerged changes to support Wolfson
devices. You should either compare the code yourself or ask the ucLinux
community to explain the changes they've made to the standard Linux

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