[alsa-devel] no audio output with TYAN S7025 motherboard and Realtek ALC262

mirix miromoman at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 11:09:14 CEST 2010

> Finally, I have even upgraded the BIOS to version 1.05 (it was 1.03 before). 

It works now! I did not do anything else. Maybe it just needed to be
unplugged... This would maybe indicate that it was the BIOS upgrade and not the
Realtek drivers what did the trick.

I have model=hp-bpc now, but I tried this before and it did not work. For the
first time, the there is a headphone switch and sound is working. 

Provided that the  headphone socket is currently the only interface between the
graphics card and the outside world, my guess is that possibly the sound card
was working before, only the headphone switch was not...

Kind regards,


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