[alsa-devel] Driver for AK4555 codec

Yoran Brondsema yoran.brondsema at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 09:18:43 CEST 2010


For a system here at work, we have a simple audio system consisting of an
I2S-bus audio controller embedded in the CPU (an NXP LPC3250) and a AK4555
codec which communicates with the CPU through the I2S-bus and produces (or
captures) analog signals. The codec is extremely simple; it is basically an
A/D & D/A converter and it doesn't support a control interface such as I2C.

There is a driver available for the LPC3250 but none for the AK4555 codec,
so I have to write it myself. I checked the document "Writing an ALSA
Driver" by Takashi Iwai but it seems to focus on full-featured sound cards;
I'm just dealing with a "simple" codec. I checked at the code of the uda1380
in linux/sound/soc/lpc3xxx/lpc3xxx-uda1380.c and it seems to be calling some
functions like platform_device_alloc, platform_set_drvdata,... but I can't
find the documentation of what these functions do.

Can someone give me some pointers to some documentation or some rough idea
of how it needs to be done?

Thank you,

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