[alsa-devel] ALC262 models

Jure Koren jure at hehe.si
Tue Sep 1 14:59:13 CEST 2009


I've received a Vaio P netbook recently, which contains an ALC262 of an 
unknown model. Playback generally works out of the box, but I haven't yet 
managed to raise the capture level for the internal microphone (though it's 
easy to rev up the passthrough channel which makes a nice white noise without 
any feedback).

What I'd like to know is how difficult would it be for me to actually get test 
out more channels than are available with any particular model= parameter 
setting. Some other chipsets include model=test or model=debug, but not this 
one. Also, is there a tool that could help me probe around the chipset to 
properly identify available mixer channels?

If poking the code is the only way, that's ok, but I guess it'll have to wait 
until I have some time available.

Thanks for any pointers in advance.

Best regards,

Jure Koren, unix developer

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