[alsa-devel] [PATCH 1/1 - try2] ASoC: add support for multiple cards/codecs in debugfs

Peter Ujfalusi peter.ujfalusi at nokia.com
Thu Oct 1 15:49:17 CEST 2009

On Thursday 01 October 2009 14:09:19 ext Mark Brown wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 02:02:04PM +0300, Peter Ujfalusi wrote:
> > On Thursday 01 October 2009 13:51:07 ext Mark Brown wrote:
> > > I'd rather use dev_name() for the CODEC itself if possible, that is
> > > more likely to be stable going forward and one of the immediate aims
> > > with the API refactoring is to remove socdev entirely at runtime.
> >
> > At this point the codec->dev was NULL, that is why I have used the
> > socdev->dev instead.
> Right, your CODEC driver needs updating to current APIs.  Omitting the
> device name is a good fallback here since you won't be able to have more
> than one of the same device anyway if a device isn't provided.

One of the codec to be blamed is the twl4030 codec, but since that does not use 
any _device/_driver method to load, there is no dev to be assigned to codec-
I don't know if it would make sense to use platform_driver_register (and 
associates) with it in the future.

The other codec, which I'm preparing for sending is using i2c probing, so I have 
fixed that, so now it has codec->dev initialized correctly.

> your CODEC driver needs updating to current APIs

Hmm, there are quite a bit of inconsistency among the codec drivers, so I'm not 
sure what is the correct way of doing this.
I will use the wm8993 driver for further fine tuning, since that seams to be 
rather new in the tree.

I'll send a patch later to fix this implementation:
if the codec->dev is valid, than it is going to use dev_name(codec->dev), if it 
is NULL, than it will use either the codec->name or provide the same string as 
the current implementation does ( {dev_name(socdev->dev)}-{codec->name} ), 
whichever is the preferred.


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