[alsa-devel] Should snd_pcm_drop() interrupt snd_pcm_writei() call?

Marek Peca marek at duch.cz
Fri May 15 16:41:25 CEST 2009

> A safer option is the single thread access if you want your app to
> support many different systems including old ALSA.  In addition, you
> could add a different approach depending on the version, e.g. by
> checking in configure script.

Well, I must think about it. It seems, that our app will be closely 
distributed with well-defined and recent OS/ALSA version. It may be useful 
for me to know, whether this particular two-thread access to these 
functions should be supported in present and future.

> Anyway, checking with the latest version is helpful for us ;)

Yes, I will try to check it against new ALSA version and I will tell you 
any interesting observations.

Many thanks,

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