[alsa-devel] [PATCH 2/4] pxa2xx-i2s: Handle SACR1_DRPL and SACR1_DREC separately

Karl Beldan karl.beldan at gmail.com
Tue May 12 14:38:19 CEST 2009

Mark Brown wrote:
> On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 11:59:03AM +0200, Karl Beldan wrote:
>> Mark Brown wrote:
>>> That doesn't seem to tie up - I can see the initialisation changing the
>>> behaviour on first run but it seems surprising that this should happen
>>> on subsequent runs too.  Alternatively, is your initialisation patch
>>> safe to apply by itself?
>> Well 2/4 stops the clocks only if both REC and RPL are disabled.
>> Without 1/4 you end up with REC enabled at startup.
>> In a scenario where you have never used REC you end up RPLing with REC always on.
>> REC being on at shutdown(),clocks won't stop.
> Yet they are being stopped by something...
You said that clocks are NOT stopped when applying patch 2/4 without 1/4.
I detailed a fairly likely code path.

>>> As previously discussed you need to rework the patch to not do the reset
>>> on initial probe not when the module is loaded, you need to address this
>>> rather than reposting.
>> The patch in question is moving the reset in probe rather than module init - with comment updated.
>> What is wrong ?
> A repost is where you send exactly the same thing again.  When you say
> you're reposting something it means you've not made any changes; if you
> say that's what you're doing and your code has problems that need to be
> fixed it's fairly obvious that all the previous comments are going to
> continue to apply.
When I said I 'resent' it, my meaning was not to let you understand that I did not modify it obviously.

>>> I'll try to find time to re-review the series but I'm going to need to
>>> sit down with the datasheet and check this in much more detail.
>> For 1/4 and 2/4 there should not be great need, Really.
> There's been enough stuff with the series that I've got a few alarm
> bells ringing, if only with obscure relationships between the patches.
I could say the same about the current status and handling but I will ask you to point precise points instead, please.
As of the current status of the driver there is not even full duplex, maintainance is likewise.
The patches I am sending are quite easy to discuss.

Could you point what is wrong in the code or comments ?
Nitpicking about "A repost is where you send exactly the same thing again." and talking so much about
pb applying 2/4 without 1/4 really sucks.

I said and am saying my patches improve greatly the code quality/functionnality, if you think otherwise, give tangible reasons and I'll be really happy to discuss/rework/abandon the patches.

Since I have no feedback from Maintainers, I am pinging the original author hoping I won't disturb too much.


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